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Added: 29/10/2012 (Listed for: 8 years)

Points: 1673 ?

ROI: 134%

8. Nubcoyu

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A long term program with sustainable and achievable income rate of 1.4% daily for 200 days with NO principal return. We invest in several businesses in order to generate external income, varying from investing in online opportunities and ventures to opening offline businesses from pirated DVD shops to hot food stands!

Our rating
User rating
  • Investment plans:
  • Min spend: $9999999999
  • Max spend: unlimited
  • Payout max time: 48hh
  • Minimum to withdraw: $5
  • Referral: 5%%
  • Payment method: Manual
  • Compounding available: yes
  • Principal return: no
  • Our investment: $100.00
  • Complaints: 0 (0 pending, 0 solved, 0 unsolved) ?
  • Verification level: unverified?


Name Profit Time of interest Min. deposit Max. deposit Period Compounding

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Payout speed
Support quality
If you see the sign "Care Investors Program" this means that you get a possibility to report any missed deposit or pending withdrawal even if you are not referred by us. A program's representative can join to any dispute and respond directly in our system. All complaints are monitored and verified by our investigation team.
In this way, your complaints are verified by a third and indepedent party. We publish the information how many complaints the program have and how many of them are solved, pending and unsolved.
We have 3 levels of verification process. Every level has individual rules, please visit our advertise page for more details.
Feel free to invite program administrators to get more confidence and to access verification procedures.

Every program position depends on many factors:

Base points - 155
Ordered points - 0
Our rating points - 6
Points for verification - 0
ROI points - 134
Monitoring time points - 1358
Deposit volume points - 20

Payout speed
Support quality
There weren't any.
2013-04-02 18:44:46 Status changed to not paying
2013-04-02 11:31:27 Status changed to problem
2013-03-21 16:35:34 Status changed to waiting
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2012-12-29 13:33:39 Status changed to problem
2012-12-07 23:12:20 Status changed to paying
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2012-10-31 10:57:09 Status changed to paying



As for the past 3 days, I've been handling over 20+ cases of accounts which are compromised and had their passwords and payment processor accounts modified. I'd like to ask the users to cooperate with our security measures before the transition to the more secure script in the near future. We'll now cancel all the pending withdrawals until the latest date. Users are then required to change their passwords and re-check the payment processors details before re-requesting the withdrawal. Also note that please expect up to 3 business days in order for the payouts to get processed. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused and we're planning to implement better security features. However, according to the clients I've handled, their accounts in other programs that shares the same log in detail as Nubcoyu are also hacked. Please DO NOT use the same set of passwords for every online programs to ensure your best securities. For those who still haven't got their accounts rectified, please visit our FB Group and leave your details there so I'll be able to assist you. Oh, another busy day...


Dear Valued Investors,
Good night from Japan! I'm right here again with the results for the contests for the February Round along with the brand new contest for the March 2013 Round!

March 2013 Round's Contests

1) NY Spring Referral Contest - Find the most downlines and earn the most referral commissions!
Duration: Now - March 31st

1st - $100
2nd - $50
3rd - $25

2) NY MoneyMakerGroup Grand Contest

Rules: Post about NY at the MMG Forum! That might include:
1. Useful discussions
2. Payment Proofs
3. Talk about NY updates and assessments

Please refrain from spamming the board or making disrespectful comments. We're all family here and I'd be glad to support everyone!

How the prizes are calculated?
At the end of the month (March 31st), I'll be personally counting the posts made by the users. Those who make the most posts will win the contest. When we count, we include useful posts and payment proofs! SPAMMY posts will NOT be counted.

1st Prize: $200 Bonus
2nd Prize: $100 Bonus
3rd Prize: $50 Bonus

I'm looking forward to see everyone there :D

Results For The February Round

1) NY Referral Contest
1st Skimo2012 - $263.49
2nd SiamKrabiNY - $237.13
3rd casanotaNY - $222.29

2) NY Member of the month
Amanda Raine - Thanks for your hard work! We appreciate your new header for out NY Famliy! Visit our Facebook page to find her there :D

Amanda's Facebook:

Heads UP! Nubcoyu Magazine Issue 13 coming tomorrow!

Nubcoyu Umezawa


Dear Valued Investors,
Hello everyone! It's Umezawa here. I've got a little announcement for our dear members. For some strange reasons, we're experiencing Bad Gateway Error when we're trying to log in to our STP account. Until the problem is solved, there isn't anything we can do because we've tried on many computers and different internets. Could be the DNS propagation problem, who knows. So, please expect some delays in the STP withdrawal. I'll be staying up all night and keep a close watch on the situation, so please don't worry.


Greetings! Our valued investors,
It's been a while since I've written a newsletter myself. I'd say the "Matsuri-Kibun" is all about to end (Lit. Festival emotion. Basically means getting too carried away by holiday seasons). The New Year has ended and I sincerely hope everyone is in good hale and health as always.
You might notice the difference in the title. Eh? Where's our usual Nubcoyu Friday? To be exact, this is our Nubcoyu Friday. However, due to my schedule changes at the Janet Office (the company I currently work for), Friday is no longer free for me. Thus, I can only write newsletter only when I'm free, crossing out the name of the NY Friday.
We're back with usual reports on site progresses, critical updates and business focuses.

Part 1: Nubcoyu The Website
1) Social Media Platform in Full Deployment
We've decided to take the direction of Social Media Marketing as our mainstream support system and communication. There are many reasons for the change. For example, I can access Facebook when I'm on mobile, which makes it possible to provide longer time support. As most of you might already know, I'm not a full time HYIP admin, so sitting in front of the computer all day nearly impossible. With Facebook, one can send us messages about any issues you might have, and those will be addressed notably faster than other means. Support tickets will still be answered, but do expect delays due to heavy spamming. Facebook is also another good way to get to know each other personally and develop long term friendship.

2) Meet Your Local Ambassadors
Nubcoyu has opened its official Facebook groups available for anyone to join. We're in the process of expanding the access worldwide so expect more groups in the near future. Each group has its leaders or ambassadors. Could be 1 or more. Most of them are also available on Skype too, so chatting is another option. Also, these leaders will also provide support for you in your local languages and English, and also can provide you with online marketing knowledge, something essential for the success of any online businesses. Below is the list of Official Nubcoyu Groups:

Nubcoyu Thailand:
1) Channarong Punpoo (Tatar Godlike)
Skype: casanota
Comment By Nubcoyu: He's a friendly leader in Thailand. I talk to him all the time and is contributing greatly to our program. You'll love simply talking to him

2) Chaichan Punpoo (Uited Love)
Skype: chaichan.punpoo
Comment By Nubcoyu: The best leader in Thailand and the head of the NY Thailand group. He's meticulous, disciplined and is outright with his plans. He's also the most experienced here in the Thailand group.

Nubcoyu India:
1) Naresh Kumar
Skype: crazyclub737
Comment By Nubcoyu: He's a real enthusiastic investor and leader of ours. Supportive and friendly, you'll never find talking to him boring He's also caring to his investors and me so why not talk to him!

Nubcoyu Hungary:
1) Balog Zoltan
Skype: dj_balog
Comment By Nubcoyu: Balog is one high spirited man with enthusiasm in online marketing and our Nubcoyu family. He's the one who contributes the most to our Nubcoyu family and even going as far as to look out investment opportunities for us. Great job Balog!

Nubcoyu Turkey:
1) Queen (HyiperStock Hyip)
Skype: celebi3485
Comment By Nubcoyu: She's notable for making new banners for NY on regular basis, an evidence for her artistic skills. She's also collaborative and elegant that she stirs the storm in our Skype Chatroom (lol)

You'll also get access to special promotions on offers only found on the groups. So why wait? Get up and get ready to join the party!

3) Nubcoyu's Hybrid Revolution
I'm sure you know programs with lucrative pay plans and trusted admins such as Wealth4All, RicanAdfunds, FastCashMega, right? Those usually comes with multiple income streams, including complex algorithm. We're taking that direction at the moment. In compliance to Nubcoyu's "Investor Centered" mindset, we'd like to contribute a pay plan by everyone for everyone. You can feel free to send in your ideas in at until 15th of March. Founder positions will be awarded to those who participates, even if their plans aren't selected. I wish for everyone's cooperation for our community.

Part 2: Nubcoyu Business
1) Suzy Per-Order Restaurant
Per-order food refers to food made as instructed by customers. You might get accustomed to restaurants for specific foods, but in Asian cultures, there are restaurant without fixed menus or only have general menus. You can order a fried egg and friend rice and still order some sausages in addition. Our dealer, Jay is on the look out. He's got in touch with Suzy restaurant. Though quite small, it is stuffed with travellers all day and night at the Silom 22 Avenue. That'll be a lucrative income for our community. I'll have a look into this and see if I can somehow join her business.

2) Balog's Smith Ideas
Our leader from Hungary submitted in the Nubcoyu Ideas about investing in horseshoes, which can be sold in festivals at Hungary. He also suggested we also sell a variety of Hungarian foods. There're also on ideas on selling NY T-shirts and grocery goods. Whoa! Sounds interesting. That'll surely bring more incentive to our program if all goes well. I'll have a deep look into this and see how we manage it.

I think that's all for this week's newsletter. Hope you enjoyed it just like the Nubcoyu Fridays. I'll see you next weekend!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2013


Dear Valued Investors,
Finally, I've arrived at my home after being struck in the traffic for 14 hours from Narita Internation Airport due to the heavy snow fall. The weekly newsletter will be delivered tomorrow, however today I'd like to discuss a topic.
I must admit that recent withdrawal requests have overwhelmed Misaki and my workload, causing payout delays and frustration. I can understand that myself, and I'm an investor in many other programs myself. As I have announced at the launch of the program (not sure anybody remembers) that I'd lower the minimum withdrawal to $1 for a limited time. Now that the workload is starting to be unbearable to us, I've decided to raise the minimum withdrawal to $5. This not only gives us less issues, but will also speed up withdrawal timeframe. In addition, it'll give us more time to concentrate on other works and external income.

I'd like to ask for everyone's understandings. We're the same family!


Dear Valued Investors,
Good evening! Christmas is approaching us all and I hope you're having good times! It's been quite a busy week, especially for me!

This week is kinda quiet, but we'll

Nubcoyu Website Updates

We have no updates for this session, although we do have some interesting news.

1) New Nubcoyu Facebook Fanpage coming soon!
A new surprise coming to you all soon as a new update to our Facebook Fan Page is coming! More Facebook contests, hangouts and activities will be held and more interactive media will be presented.
You can enjoy more of our new Facebook Page and you can treat it as our new mini-site!

Nubcoyu Business

1) The Approaching Christmas Boosts Our Anime Figmas and Doody Goods Sales!
Christmas, the festival of giving and love brings forth a great boost of sales in our figure mates sales, including gifts for him an gifts for her, such as necklaces, dolls, vases and pretty accessories. It's something to be expected during this time of the year, isn't it?

2) Nubcoyu Goods
Some of our clients suggested we make our own goods, for example Nubcoyu T-shirts and cups. We'll have a look into that.

Nubcoyu Everyday

1) Nubcoyu visiting Yamanashi Pawana Temple
I'd like to take time to relax myself along with my friends and colleagues, so I've decided to visit Yamanashi Pawana Temple. I've joined meditation, had fun eating Thai foods and finally released some fish into the river for our new year's merits. It's been great fun today and amazingly, the usual temperate of 7 - 10 degrees has risen to 18 today. Maybe the power of merit?

2) Miyako Planning On Going On A Date
I've got nothing more to say, but to let my daughter grow on her own. She said she's going on a date with her new sweetheart to Kofu Castle, an old and traditional cultural remains of our prefecture. Well, it's not like she's going to a bar, isn't it?

I'm sorry for those expecting more for this week, but there isn't much to report. Things are progressing slowly and fluidly. I sincerely hope we're not going to run into any more glitches, and hope everyone a profitable Christmas!

Nubcoyu Umezawa


This problem has become urgent that it made me decide to put off Nubcoyu Friday Issue 8 to tomorrow. It seems that some members' deposits are not processed and their balance not showing on their accounts properly. There are also reports on missing withdrawals where withdrawals are marked as processed, however the money is not showing on their payment processors. The source of the problem is currently unknown, although it seems to have been solved already. As I said before, I don't want out members to lose a dime by joining our family, so this issue must be addressed accordingly and precisely.

Please email to our accountant Misaki, so she can update your balance and correct any missing withdrawals. Her email is:

Steps To Take For Missing Deposits:
1. Please copy your investment details from your payment processor, including date, amount, batch and all possible information into the email.
2. Please problems with the investments. (e.g Account not credited, investment not shown)
3. Send the email to

The problems will be addressed in timely manner.

Steps To Take For Missing Withdrawals:
1. Search in your withdrawal history and pick the missing one.
2. Copy all the details including date and amount.
3. After verification, your withdrawal will be processed immediately

For LIVE assistance, please join our Skype room by adding: nubcoyuadmin

I'll stay by the computer all day tomorrow in order to fix any occuring problems. It's our pride to maintain our investors' smile.

There might be glitches, obstacles and misfortunes along the way, but as long as you don't give up, we are going to give it all!



Dear Valued Investors,
Good evening from Japan! It's once again Friday when we finish up our work and get ready for weekend. It has been a really hectic week at Nubcoyu Group to the point that Misaki caught a fever, but we never stop working in order to ensure your best user experience.
Back to the business. We have quite a lot to report today, from idea of the last round's Nubcoyu Ideas winner, our business growth and interesting events at Nubcoyu!

Part 1: Summary Of Nubcoyu's Events
We will provide a brief summary of what we've published in previous newsletters during the week.

1) Nubcoyu Hosts November's Sweepstakes
We hold the following 4 types of contests for this month:

1.1) Nubcoyu Referral Contest (8th - 30th November)
The first 3 who accumulate the most referral commission will win the prizes
Prizes: 1st Place - $100
2nd Place - $50
3rd Place - $25

1.2) Nubcoyu Ideas Contest (Deadline: 30th November)
Submit money making blueprint to us at The winner will be rewarded with $50 directly to his preferred e-currency

1.3) Nubcoyu Landing Page Contest
Create a lead capture page for your own use and submit your URL to
Prizes: 1st Place - $100
2nd Place - $50

Hint: There's a free resource to create your FREE splashpage! Try here:

1.4) Misaki's Love Letter Contest
Write a quality love letter to our cute and hard working support staff!
Prizes: Her picture OR her personal email just for you (Or if she wants to give more, up to her)

2) Our Official Skype Room Opened!
Simply add us using this ID: nubcoyuadmin and we will add you to our Official Skype ChatRoom!
There're lots of things going on here, including acitivities, events and trainings. Grab this opportunitiy to get in touch with admin and our community!

3) The 5% Bonus To End This November 24th!
This is the last reminder that the extra 5% bonus for deposits will end this November 25th! Get your gears ready before the time runs out!

Part 2: Nubcoyu's Business Venture Reports!

The Top Requested Music Of The Week!
Our sales in pirated DVDs still continue with an amazing growth rate. After opening the 2 brand new shops in Pantip IT mall, our sales have risen as ever! We have also added pirated MP3 and ringtones to our product list for those who don't prefer to buy music collection DVDs. I'd like to announce the most requested music of the week is a Japanese music, however not from AKB48 this time. It's the song called Tabidachi no Hi Ni (On the day we seperate) It's a graduation song sung beautifully by Ai Kawashima. You can watch the MV here:

Doki Doki Sex Toy Shop Launched!
We're delighted with our successful Doki Doki Sex Toy Shop launch! The 3 Japanese representatives I've sent there have attracted lots of customers with their 'flesh' and enticing beauty.
The 15% discount for the first month also attracted both locals and tourists to our fetish offers. I must say I'm extremely pleased with the current growth of our new hot business.

Adult Video Company Signed Contract With Us
The new born "CreamySlut Studio" has signed a contract with us earlier today. They've offered to provide us with pornographic videos with their special discounted price to us as their VIP clients. We're looking forward to shelving our new merchandise and we're thinking about opening an online subscription site to supply our online wing of the business! Wouldn't it be fun to buy porns using LR? :D

Part 3: Nubcoyu Everyday

Misaki Has A Fever
The hardworking Accountant and Human Resources staff and the idol for many fanboys was sick yesterday and had to take off from work. She's pushed herself to far, not only for our business, but also on her studies and her English practice. I am surprised myself how her English is growing at a fierce speed to the point that I can speak to her in English. Who would have believed a girl to have spent 6 hours everyday to master her second language. I also owe a lot to Ms. Luca for her professional job teaching our dear staff. I hope she recovers soon and will come back to continue her support work.

Part 4: ISM Magic Idea Explained
The idea contributed by our winner, Skimo2012 is about to be shared amongst our dear investors.
Registered under the name of Rican Professional Networks Limited and managed by Russell Chapman, ISM Magic is an ideal opportunity to market your opportunities online. It's a Social Network with a twist. It comes with 2 feeder programs, one of which will play a major role here. You can invest in ad packages in ISMAdsIncome (Link Here:
Each add packages cost $10 and earns 1.5% daily for 200 days, summing 300% return in profit. However, the key is to utilize the power of Social Network combined with advertisement tactics. Since it's a large social network for like minded marketers and networkers, our opportunity can be easily promoted there and a strong relationship between great people can be established.
The membership level is divided into 3 groups: Free, Genie and Wizard, with Wizard as the highest ranking. You can purchase the subscription by directly paying for it or just buying ad packages from ISMAdsIncome and use the credits accumulated to buy. Each levels have different limitations, so please be sure to check it out properly.

If you're interested in joining ISM Magic, join here and be a part of our team:

Currently, ISM Magic and ISMAdsIncome accepts payments from LR, PM, EP and STP with in house e-wallet system in the making. Be sure to keep up with the flow!

I think that's all for this week's Nubcoyu Friday. I'll have to prepare for my Friday night with my family and hope you guys will recover soon from the recent "Autumn Scams".

HYIPs fall in late Autumn just like red maple leaves...

Warm Regards,
Nubcoyu and Nubcoyu Group

Any questions? Contact us!
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